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..but keep stalling. I don’t know what it is, but here’s that link from last years PSA my buddy and I did. Yes, unfortunately it is STILL relative, because we DON’T have a cure for cancer yet. 

From the Popsugar website: (  )

Two Broke Girls star Kat Dennings and her best friend, photographer Rodene Jones, first met as teenagers. Like any close, longtime friends, the two have weathered their share of successes and setbacks together in the years since — but nothing prepared them for Rodene’s breast-cancer diagnosis at age 31. After Rodene’s fiancé noticed a lump underneath her breast, Rodene not only learned she had triple-negative cancer, but she also tested positive for BRCA1; that gene greatly increases the likelihood of contracting breast and ovarian cancers. Rodene quickly began a grueling treatment process that would transform not only her own life but the lives of the people who love her.

UPDATE: It’s been a year since we first brought you Kat and Rodene’s story on  In Her World, and we’re happy to share that Rodene’s most recent scans indicate that her cancer treatment — which included six rounds of chemo, 37 rounds of radiation, and a double mastectomy — worked. Even so, she’s cautious about her health and awaiting a new round of scans at the end of the year, which should provide her and her doctors with a better idea of her status. “The form of celebration I practice is making every day I’m alive and able awesome,” Rodene tells us. She and her husband, Duncan Jones, are looking forward to trying for a baby once she gets a thumbs-up from her doctors and are teaming up with the Tower Cancer Research Foundation on a campaign called Touch Up Your Loved Ones, inspired by their own experience. The couple is now back in LA after spending nine months in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on the set of the movie Warcraft. Duncan directed the film and Rodene served as the movie’s archivist photographer. “I was so grateful to have no time to sit and worry about all of the aches and pains,” she says. “Being able to have the strength to carry my camera around, stay on my feet, and push myself out there again has been helping my ‘new’ self.”

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On Lindsay: Diane von Furstenberg

Lots has happened since my diagnosis, lots of living has been going on 🙂 . My two years is coming up, and I’m hoping to get only good news after my new set of scans. Til then, I’ll be living “as if,” which includes trying to raise awareness so others don’t ever have to go through this nasty disease.

Also, my husband and I went to the doctors and got our flu shots. Please be a responsible person, visit your doctors office, or local pharmacy, get jabbed, bring everyone YOU KNOW with you. If you don’t want to donate, or help raise awareness, just get the dang flu shot. 

Taken from Lisa Adams’ blog: “According to the CDC the flu and complications from it kill almost as many people each year as breast cancer. Let that sink in. The flu kills about 36,000 people each year. Metastatic breast cancer kills approximately 40,000 people.” ( Visit Lisa Adams’ blog, she’ll tell you first hand about METASTATIC Breast Cancer, and also how you should get your flu shots. )

Metastatic Breast Cancer.

And as far as side effects from all the treatments and surgery, I’m alive, and yes I am experiencing random pains, aches, fatigue AND neuropathy. (I’ll get into more of my physical & mental health later, if it helps someone else out.)  But, I am able to push myself everyday, as far as stretching, walking longer distances, and normal people things.

Like dancing in Vancouver rain:

…and so she just danced her little heart away. ☺️ 🐋☔️☁️

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My hair is slowly growing back, and so is my belly, something about BC treatment messes up your system, including your metabolism, or maybe it could be all of the DELICIOUS food we’ve been cooking. My 37 rounds of radiation did mess up the left side of my chest, so being able to stretch that side out has been difficult. I was able to swap out my rock hard expanders for soft, ziplock bag like saline implants. That surgery was way less stressful than the double mastectomy, but don’t get me wrong, I was still terrified. Though, knowing my husband would be waiting for me soon after keep what little peace I did have close in my heart. I didn’t take any painkillers, and couldn’t take the medical cannabis, so I just rode it out naturally, sleeping basically upright on a ton of pillows. I did have to take antibiotics for about 8 days to prevent any infections, which worked. Had over 120 stitches inside my chest, and felt gnarly pains here and there, but nothing that stayed long enough for me to panic. My right side is saggy, but I’m ALIVE, and am so happy. NO ROOM TO COMPLAIN. NONE. 

Well, that’s that, for now.

I’ve set up a new fundraiser, one that I, actually, we, will have a clearer idea of where the money will be going towards. Its a special place to me, and have supported me during and after treatment. So, please donate, support, share if and whenever you can, its important.

Okay, I’m done for now, thanks for reading. I hope you or anyone you love never have to deal with cancer, its a b*tch. Life is short, fragile, and dang precious, please take care of yours, as others are fighting harder just to live another day.

Peace & Love,

Rodene Jones

Best shared with friends. ☺️

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More photos & videos found here:


Tips & Things.

When I got the cancer/brca1 diagnosis, I of course searched the web endlessly looking for “tips and tricks,” as I’ve always done for anything. (Tips and Tricks, remember that gaming magazine?!?) Hoping to find a handbook on how to get through this whole cancer “thing” or “prepare for death” (though my husband hates that I even thought that, its true, when I got diagnosed, I didn’t know,) ****cancer and its mysterious ****ing ways,” I didn’t know and kinda still don’t know what to expect. What I did find out was, there actually was a handbook, and an enormous amount of useful tips and tricks. I also noticed that there were way too many people with cancer, but comforted to know that many people have been “surviving” this horrible disease.

I asked a couple of friends who I’ve met through treatment to send me over some of their “quick tips” they found useful. One of them is still in treatment, the other is not, both diagnosed with ****ing breast cancer and have been very kind, lovely new friends throughout….I asked a couple of other people, but they took forever to get back to me, so if you all out there in the internet world, have any tips/advice for other people going through this, or for their loved ones, please share.

Yes, I’m actually asking for any useful tips/advice only, but not for people to tell me that chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, radiation, etc. are awful/horrible treatments. I understand that people, generally, have good intentions, but its strange how only those whom are not cancer patients are the ones quick to give definite treatment orders, i.e. YOU HAVE TO GO RAW, YOU HAVE TO EAT GARLIC ALL DAY, YOU NEED TO HAVE PEROXIDE INJECTIONS, YOU HAVE TO MOVE TO MEXICO, etc. There is definitely a balance between modern and natural medicine. Lecturing me on what I need to do, because the decisions “I already made were wrong,” is only going to make me run away from you, or blog about you to warn others. Its all so overwhelming, and I have to admit, the really good advice I’ve received were from people actually going and have gone through it. That’s not to say that other people haven’t been useful, but you know what I mean.

Hope you guys find this useful, I wanted to contribute some information that helped me, and give back the support that I have been given. We’re constantly taking from “the universe” but what are we giving back, what am I giving back? Hopefully I can give love, support and positivity..keeping the good energy ever flowing. 😉

Visit her blog here:

Visit her blog here:


Visit Sarah's Blog:

Visit Sarah’s Blog:


(Find her blog here: )

(Find her blog here: )


…here is what I came up with:

Rodene's Short List.(yes, I know its messy, if you have any questions, ask away)

Well, that’s entry two on this whole “cancer thing,” I don’t even know what to call it…but thing will do for now I guess. Hopefully someone out there has found this to be useful. Not sure what I’ll blog about next, maybe on something non-cancery.

Thank you again you guys/gals for being supportive and kind…I’m continually trying to do the same. 😉

Peace & Positivity,

Rodene Jones

P.S. Here are some images from the “handbook” that a nice someone had given to me before I started treatment. I haven’t gone through many of these kind of books, but this one was simple and not overwhelming.

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Kale Chips…..HA.

Not to be confused with curly mustard…..don’t put two leafy greens that look the same next to each other grocery employees, especially when one is extremely SPICY and NOT Kale. You know, customers might mistake the two, and accidentally use curly mustard in their attempt at a healthy smoothie and accidentally burn their throat. JUST saying. I’ve heard this kind of stuff happens.

Okay, so maaaaaybe I’m the only goof ball with that kind of luck. I swear I looked at the labels…ugh.

Point being, I’m trying to find a non bloaty way to incorporate Kale in our daily diets. First, I tried it raw, n’ every single time, bloat. Then, tried frying it, steaming it, etc…nothing but pain. Pain in the stomach, chest, and butt. Totally turned off after feeling like I was going to have a heart attack and baby all at the same time.

Been months since I’ve had it, and recently I saw bags of the stuff in stores as, “kale chips.” I was interested until I saw that they were priced at $7.00, yowza, too expensive for something that may just make me feel like a bloated dog again. So, decided to make some at home.

All I needed to buy for this recipe was the bunch of kale, had everything else, so already I was ahead of the game. I hate it when people say that, “ahead of the game, or game changer.” Whatever. So, I made the dang kale chips, and they were tasty. Doubt they still have the same nutrients being cooked in this manner, but they’re probably not a bad snack option. It’d be great to serve to friends & family, maybe over a salad or soup. Glad I found a way to eat the leafy greens, I still feel a tad bit queazy when I have ’em but not nearly as bad as every other way. They were really good I tell you, between the fiancé and I, they were gone faster than I thought they would be.

A win. Thumbs up to you kale chips…definitely baking you again.



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Spotty Dotty Cake.

“Let them eat cake!” AND we did!

I’d really love to have my own from scratch go to cake recipe but I’m still not there yet…its super hard for me to get a good from scratch cake right…ugh..meantime, I can play with color and shapes. First time I’ve used food coloring in a cake was when I made a violet “ombre” cake (layers of shades of violet)  and it came out great. SO, thought it’d be fun to try bolder, brighter colors. And so I did.

Neon pinks, greens, blues, purples, so very unnatural yet so pleasing to the eyes. Even if you aren’t five, slicing into a spotted cake such as this is still a nice little moment of “wow”. Okay, maybe its not that amazing, but its still a fun cake to put together. No, really, its pretty neat slicing into a nice colorful surprise of unnatural-ness. 🙂 Next time, think I’ll make the spots a lot smaller and maybe have some sort of strategic design.

Whatever, I did it, its here, its a great idea if you want to add a little color in a plain white or yellow cake, waaaay better & more impressive than the typical  funfetti cake. There.

That’s that, here it is.

Happy Baking,


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P.S. Here’s a photo of the “ombre” cake I made earlier this year…I really liked the way the colors came out.

First attempt.