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When I got the cancer/brca1 diagnosis, I of course searched the web endlessly looking for “tips and tricks,” as I’ve always done for anything. (Tips and Tricks, remember that gaming magazine?!?) Hoping to find a handbook on how to get through this whole cancer “thing” or “prepare for death” (though my husband hates that I even thought that, its true, when I got diagnosed, I didn’t know,) ****cancer and its mysterious ****ing ways,” I didn’t know and kinda still don’t know what to expect. What I did find out was, there actually was a handbook, and an enormous amount of useful tips and tricks. I also noticed that there were way too many people with cancer, but comforted to know that many people have been “surviving” this horrible disease.

I asked a couple of friends who I’ve met through treatment to send me over some of their “quick tips” they found useful. One of them is still in treatment, the other is not, both diagnosed with ****ing breast cancer and have been very kind, lovely new friends throughout….I asked a couple of other people, but they took forever to get back to me, so if you all out there in the internet world, have any tips/advice for other people going through this, or for their loved ones, please share.

Yes, I’m actually asking for any useful tips/advice only, but not for people to tell me that chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, radiation, etc. are awful/horrible treatments. I understand that people, generally, have good intentions, but its strange how only those whom are not cancer patients are the ones quick to give definite treatment orders, i.e. YOU HAVE TO GO RAW, YOU HAVE TO EAT GARLIC ALL DAY, YOU NEED TO HAVE PEROXIDE INJECTIONS, YOU HAVE TO MOVE TO MEXICO, etc. There is definitely a balance between modern and natural medicine. Lecturing me on what I need to do, because the decisions “I already made were wrong,” is only going to make me run away from you, or blog about you to warn others. Its all so overwhelming, and I have to admit, the really good advice I’ve received were from people actually going and have gone through it. That’s not to say that other people haven’t been useful, but you know what I mean.

Hope you guys find this useful, I wanted to contribute some information that helped me, and give back the support that I have been given. We’re constantly taking from “the universe” but what are we giving back, what am I giving back? Hopefully I can give love, support and positivity..keeping the good energy ever flowing. 😉

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…here is what I came up with:

Rodene's Short List.(yes, I know its messy, if you have any questions, ask away)

Well, that’s entry two on this whole “cancer thing,” I don’t even know what to call it…but thing will do for now I guess. Hopefully someone out there has found this to be useful. Not sure what I’ll blog about next, maybe on something non-cancery.

Thank you again you guys/gals for being supportive and kind…I’m continually trying to do the same. 😉

Peace & Positivity,

Rodene Jones

P.S. Here are some images from the “handbook” that a nice someone had given to me before I started treatment. I haven’t gone through many of these kind of books, but this one was simple and not overwhelming.

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