Hoarding In My Bag.

If you give me a bag, I’ve got the goods to fill it. Seriously, from chapstick, polish, bandaids, crayons, jelly belly beans, sharpies, crochet hooks, mini notebooks, paperclips, flash drives, usb plugs, apple chargers, dog treats/poo bags, tea tree oil, vitamin c packets, ummm…sewing kits, moon patches ( 😉 ) ummm…mini post its, organic lavender perfume, mechanical pencils, I mean..I’m looking in one of my bags now and am just typing what I see.

Hoarder I tell you, but a more useful one. My sweet, sweet, fiancé kindly tells me that I’m just a well prepared mommy in training, so there, hoarding somewhat justified. Though, I kinda feel like an old grandmother, the kind who is always trying to offer you the nasty flavored hard candies, the ones covered with lint and animal hair. I’m that granny, I’m okay with that.

But, let me tell you, I’m not always like that, if its a nice, slim, fancy pants bag, then I know my limitations. From all of the traveling that the fiancé and I have done, I’ve become a smarter, always prepared for anything type of packer.

In these photos, I’ve managed to lug around a couple of my favorite things for a nice afternoon. I’m not really big on spending a billion dollars on purses, I’d rather spend it on a suped up Viking Range oven or the world’s largest fish smoker & grill…just saying…my priorities are….unique. Speaking of unique, my afternoon bag is unique, its from this cool company: JumpFromPaper (http://www.jumpfrompaper.us/#)  And on the plus plus side, they do NOT cost a billion dollars, and they are cute as heck. I just wish they’d hurry up and design a cool camera bag…hint hint…nudge nudge.

See photos below to check out what I was able to stuff inside.



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P.S. Thanks Neill for the Marmite Cookbook, am definitely gotta do a blog post on the best recipe from the coolest cook book. SO awesome, thank you!!!


We Don’t Like Chocolate, We LOVE it.

Our puppy has mastered the fine art of begging.

We always have bags and bars of chocolate in our home. I say home, because its every where, no, not where the dog can steal a bite, but in drawers, purses, the fridge, cabinets, every dang where, in all forms. Basically, always within arms reach…you just never know when your chocolate blood sugar levels are going to drop. 🙂 Its important to try out all sorts of chocolate, so you know which is right when you have a specific craving. Sometimes that cheap, dirty, kind of like Easter Chocolate barely chocolate chocolate is fun, then you can be daring n’ go for that lavender or bacon chocolate, but you can’t replace a thick, high quality dark chocolate bar. When we were in Montreal, Canada, (click here to see what I’m talking about) they had pretty amazing bars at their every day markets, they even had a hot chocolate cafe. Here in Los Angeles, Whole Foods, Cost Plus and Bristol Farms have a decent selection, but could be better.

So, you know we love chocolate in our house, in all shapes, forms, percentages…sometimes in milkshakes, cakes, brownies, fudge, ravioli, pastas, smoothies, coffee, oh and those chocolate covered gummi bears, do they count as chocolate? My favorite: those spiced hot chocolate pieces imported from somewhere Spanish, that you melt into a big ol’ mug with an extra side of warm chocolate saucey goodness..that’s what I’m after and am always a little upset when I have to share. 🙂 Anyway, we had a bunch of chocolate chips, cocoa, and squares that were dying to fulfill their destiny. Mixed them up with cups of powdered sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, pecans & some salt, baked ’em and magic = easy flourless chocolate chocolate CHOCOLATE cookies.

Happy baking!



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Succulent Sunday.

The weather is supposed to be cooling here in Los Angeles, so we decided to take a stroll through town to soak up the last of the Summer heat. According to all of the weather reports, we’re expected to have some much needed rain this week, which probably means, a light drizzle. It’d be nice to get some rain, but I hope it skips over Halloween, one of my favorite holidays.

Now that we’ve been in our L.A. home for a couple of years, we’ve learned a lot about diy gardening..mostly what not to do. One of the most important things I have learned about gardening is to plant seeds/seedlings according to your climate/environment & lifestyle. Yes, lifestyle, if you don’t have time to water/nurture something living besides yourself, try a “lucky bamboo” plant, just some water & a “hello” every now n’ then. BUT, if you do want to try your hand at gardening, and live in Los Angeles, a succulent plant would be a good start.

With an array of colors/varieties to choose from, and light watering & sunshine, anyone can pull out their own “green thumb.” The succulents we are growing require little watering and little sunshine, super easy, no excuses, its all good for the environment, right?!? And though we tried tomatoes, corn, beans, cilantro, etc….nothing really lasted as long as they could have, so we’ll stick to easy for now. Too darned depressing when walking through a dead, wilted, unintentionally browned garden, when all could’ve been avoided.

Anyway, we took a stroll and it looked like someone else got it right….they chose lovely, simple colors and textures and made their garden/landscape look great…..yes, kinda jealous, but am taking notes for our next home/garden. 🙂 Just go into your local nursery and try making your own Terrarium, its another good place to start since you’ll be putting it together yourself..you might be more inclined to take care of it this way.

Hope you all had a Sweet Sunday.



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Here’s a shot of me getting lost in the L.A. crowd with my neat, drawn lookin’ travel bag, its from that cool company, Jump From Paper. Such a great design, you can fit your Ipad/tablet and notebooks in there nicely. 🙂

Keep Your Carbs Colorful.

We eat colorful veggies too…we don’t discriminate here in our home. My healthy friends don’t believe us when we say we know what cous cous and vegetables are. Hopefully these dishes will encourage my family, yes my own family to eat healthier.

Its just as easy to eat healthy as it is the latter, so don’t make any excuses for yourself and that belly. I know I could be better at health, but would rather be better at cake – kidding kidding. We try to keep things balanced in our home and bellies.

Though it can get pricey eating organic/healthy foods, you really shouldn’t put a price on health. Choosing health over a new pair of shoes, salon hair, nails, makeup, dresses, etc.etc. is tough sometimes. But, being that I don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, am 100% drug free…I mean, what else am I supposed to spend money on? 🙂 So, I choose food. Like anything else you know, it takes work to be healthy, there’s a certain respect I have for people with that kind of discipline…its a discipline I strive for, slowly.

Yaaaaddi yaddda, back to food, green foods..I was too lazy to throw everything on our grill because it takes a bit more work…the thing is just not big enough to cook everything, AAAAAND everything needed to be cooked at different temperatures. Easier to cook things on the stove in separate pans, so I did and so can YOU.

Useful ingredients: cous cous, soba noodles, veges, olive oil, vinegar, lemon/lime juice, and herbs. And, I love tilapia, we always have it in our freezer, filleted tilapia is easy to cook and tasty…but I’m hoping that its not the endangered tilapia because I’m just guiltlessly slaying away at ’em weekly.. 😦 *gulp.



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Spotty Dotty Cake.

“Let them eat cake!” AND we did!

I’d really love to have my own from scratch go to cake recipe but I’m still not there yet…its super hard for me to get a good from scratch cake right…ugh..meantime, I can play with color and shapes. First time I’ve used food coloring in a cake was when I made a violet “ombre” cake (layers of shades of violet)  and it came out great. SO, thought it’d be fun to try bolder, brighter colors. And so I did.

Neon pinks, greens, blues, purples, so very unnatural yet so pleasing to the eyes. Even if you aren’t five, slicing into a spotted cake such as this is still a nice little moment of “wow”. Okay, maybe its not that amazing, but its still a fun cake to put together. No, really, its pretty neat slicing into a nice colorful surprise of unnatural-ness. 🙂 Next time, think I’ll make the spots a lot smaller and maybe have some sort of strategic design.

Whatever, I did it, its here, its a great idea if you want to add a little color in a plain white or yellow cake, waaaay better & more impressive than the typical  funfetti cake. There.

That’s that, here it is.

Happy Baking,


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P.S. Here’s a photo of the “ombre” cake I made earlier this year…I really liked the way the colors came out.

First attempt.