Hoarding In My Bag.

If you give me a bag, I’ve got the goods to fill it. Seriously, from chapstick, polish, bandaids, crayons, jelly belly beans, sharpies, crochet hooks, mini notebooks, paperclips, flash drives, usb plugs, apple chargers, dog treats/poo bags, tea tree oil, vitamin c packets, ummm…sewing kits, moon patches ( ūüėČ ) ummm…mini post its, organic lavender perfume, mechanical pencils, I mean..I’m looking in one of my bags now and am just typing what I see.

Hoarder I tell you, but a more useful one. My sweet, sweet, fianc√© kindly tells me that I’m just a well prepared mommy in training, so there, hoarding somewhat justified. Though, I kinda feel like an old grandmother, the kind who is always trying to offer you the nasty flavored hard candies, the ones covered with lint and animal hair. I’m that granny, I’m okay with that.

But, let me tell you, I’m not always like that, if its a nice, slim, fancy pants bag, then I know my limitations. From all of the traveling that the fianc√© and I have done, I’ve become a smarter, always prepared for anything type of packer.

In these photos, I’ve managed to lug around a couple of my favorite things for a nice afternoon. I’m not really big on spending a billion dollars on purses, I’d rather spend it on a suped up Viking Range oven or the world’s largest fish smoker & grill…just saying…my priorities are….unique. Speaking of unique, my afternoon bag is unique, its from this cool company: JumpFromPaper (http://www.jumpfrompaper.us/#)¬† And on the plus plus side, they do NOT cost a billion dollars, and they are cute as heck. I just wish they’d hurry up and design a cool camera bag…hint hint…nudge nudge.

See photos below to check out what I was able to stuff inside.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. Thanks Neill for the Marmite Cookbook, am definitely gotta do a blog post on the best recipe from the coolest cook book. SO awesome, thank you!!!


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