We Don’t Like Chocolate, We LOVE it.

Our puppy has mastered the fine art of begging.

We always have bags and bars of chocolate in our home. I say home, because its every where, no, not where the dog can steal a bite, but in drawers, purses, the fridge, cabinets, every dang where, in all forms. Basically, always within arms reach…you just never know when your chocolate blood sugar levels are going to drop. 🙂 Its important to try out all sorts of chocolate, so you know which is right when you have a specific craving. Sometimes that cheap, dirty, kind of like Easter Chocolate barely chocolate chocolate is fun, then you can be daring n’ go for that lavender or bacon chocolate, but you can’t replace a thick, high quality dark chocolate bar. When we were in Montreal, Canada, (click here to see what I’m talking about) they had pretty amazing bars at their every day markets, they even had a hot chocolate cafe. Here in Los Angeles, Whole Foods, Cost Plus and Bristol Farms have a decent selection, but could be better.

So, you know we love chocolate in our house, in all shapes, forms, percentages…sometimes in milkshakes, cakes, brownies, fudge, ravioli, pastas, smoothies, coffee, oh and those chocolate covered gummi bears, do they count as chocolate? My favorite: those spiced hot chocolate pieces imported from somewhere Spanish, that you melt into a big ol’ mug with an extra side of warm chocolate saucey goodness..that’s what I’m after and am always a little upset when I have to share. 🙂 Anyway, we had a bunch of chocolate chips, cocoa, and squares that were dying to fulfill their destiny. Mixed them up with cups of powdered sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, pecans & some salt, baked ’em and magic = easy flourless chocolate chocolate CHOCOLATE cookies.

Happy baking!



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