Spotty Dotty Cake.

“Let them eat cake!” AND we did!

I’d really love to have my own from scratch go to cake recipe but I’m still not there yet…its super hard for me to get a good from scratch cake right…ugh..meantime, I can play with color and shapes. First time I’ve used food coloring in a cake was when I made a violet “ombre” cake (layers of shades of violet)  and it came out great. SO, thought it’d be fun to try bolder, brighter colors. And so I did.

Neon pinks, greens, blues, purples, so very unnatural yet so pleasing to the eyes. Even if you aren’t five, slicing into a spotted cake such as this is still a nice little moment of “wow”. Okay, maybe its not that amazing, but its still a fun cake to put together. No, really, its pretty neat slicing into a nice colorful surprise of unnatural-ness. 🙂 Next time, think I’ll make the spots a lot smaller and maybe have some sort of strategic design.

Whatever, I did it, its here, its a great idea if you want to add a little color in a plain white or yellow cake, waaaay better & more impressive than the typical  funfetti cake. There.

That’s that, here it is.

Happy Baking,


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P.S. Here’s a photo of the “ombre” cake I made earlier this year…I really liked the way the colors came out.

First attempt.