Keep Your Carbs Colorful.

We eat colorful veggies too…we don’t discriminate here in our home. My healthy friends don’t believe us when we say we know what cous cous and vegetables are. Hopefully these dishes will encourage my family, yes my own family to eat healthier.

Its just as easy to eat healthy as it is the latter, so don’t make any excuses for yourself and that belly. I know I could be better at health, but would rather be better at cake – kidding kidding. We try to keep things balanced in our home and bellies.

Though it can get pricey eating organic/healthy foods, you really shouldn’t put a price on health. Choosing health over a new pair of shoes, salon hair, nails, makeup, dresses, etc.etc. is tough sometimes. But, being that I don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, am 100% drug free…I mean, what else am I supposed to spend money on? 🙂 So, I choose food. Like anything else you know, it takes work to be healthy, there’s a certain respect I have for people with that kind of discipline…its a discipline I strive for, slowly.

Yaaaaddi yaddda, back to food, green foods..I was too lazy to throw everything on our grill because it takes a bit more work…the thing is just not big enough to cook everything, AAAAAND everything needed to be cooked at different temperatures. Easier to cook things on the stove in separate pans, so I did and so can YOU.

Useful ingredients: cous cous, soba noodles, veges, olive oil, vinegar, lemon/lime juice, and herbs. And, I love tilapia, we always have it in our freezer, filleted tilapia is easy to cook and tasty…but I’m hoping that its not the endangered tilapia because I’m just guiltlessly slaying away at ’em weekly.. 😦 *gulp.



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