Rodene’s Rocket Full O’ Chocolate.

I love the following: cacao, chocolate, carob, fudge, fudgsicles, avocado, bananas, almonds, coconut, molasses, any and everything sweet. I dislike the following: untame-able heat & untame-able HEAT, yes, hate it actually. SO, being that its been an incredibly and uncomfortably hot summer here in Los Angeles, it was the perfect excuse to make frozen treats. Fudgsicles are delicious, but I’m not gonna lie, I feel way too guilty buying those yellow boxed ones from the store and finishing them the same day, without evening knowing what all of the ingredients are. SO, decided to take matters into my own hands.

Ya know, I prefer a chocolate dipped kind of fudge popsicle, but I was too impatient, AND using the Rocket Molds were just too darned cute anyway. AAAND I also wanted to take better photos, but I’m a sloppy maker of food when it comes to chocolate, so there.

This “Rodene Rocket” consisted of: a ripe banana, a ripe but not browned avocado, coconut milk, coconut, molasses, carob, cacao, vegan chocolate pudding (not pictured) and in some, I threw in nuts. When I threw in most of the ingredients (into this magnificent blender: ), I left a couple out, i.e. some of the carob chips because I love a little crunch…same with the nuts, coconut, etc.

Soon as everything is added in & blended, its best to practice patience and leave ’em overnight to freeze. I know, this is the toughest part, but if you don’t, it might be a pain the behind when you try to pull ’em out…sticken’ to the sides n’ all. Just don’t be that guy/gal with the busted Rocket Ship okay, its worth the wait.

Such a flexible recipe, its really all up to you and your tastebuds or guests’ demands. Maybe you have a person who likes a little splash of color, why not add chopped fruit? Perhaps you have a couple of kiddies over, toss in a couple o’ sprinkles, or crushed cookies? OR, maybe make ’em with layers of a vanilla pudding?

Endless I tell you. And darned tasty.

If you’re reading this, I really hope you make them someday, they are so good, and if they aren’t then I blame your tastebuds. 

Peace & Positivity, from my belly to yours,


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