Some Summer Soba Soup.

Soba. Yes, Soba. You mean soda? NO, SoBA, as in buckwheat noodles, duh.

Buckwheat noodles! They are SO good. I usually have them cold with a side of dipping sauce, but since I didn’t have the ingredients to make the sauce, I made a soup instead.

I like being able to make dishes with ingredients we are already stocked up with, and yes, Soba noodles are always on hand…its like our “white bread.” Such a big hooray whenever I start throwing random veggies & things in a boiling pot of water and things turn out awesome. I even had friends come over for some and ended up asking for the recipe…so here it is, quickly, as usual.

Ingredients that I used were: soba noodles, water, broth, low sodium soy sauce, pepper, chili sauce, fish cake slices, spinach, bean sprouts, mushrooms, red onions, ginger, bok choy, broccoli, sesame oil, and I think that was all. Its such a forgiving recipe, you can’t really mess this dish up, can you? Bring the water and broth to a boil, throw in that ginger, some fish cake slices, or whatever else you prefer, beef, tofu…make sure its just about cooked, then throw in the mushrooms, broccoli, let that simmer with the spices & herbs you like. Then throw in the thinner veggies, they’ll cook faster, like the spinach and depending on how thinly you sliced your onions…but again, its all up to you, and the texture you like your food. Lastly, add the already cooked Soba noodles and top with a handful of bean sprouts, let cook about 5 mins, and serve. Garnish with a couple fresh basil leaves for a nicer looking soup.

Who woulda thunk!? So easy and so delicious…quite healthy too.



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