Family Expansion.

We rescued a puppy, hence the last post, “March 17.” Okay, rescuing a puppy isn’t an excuse, but I’m still using it. This girl:

Gotta be honest, our first couple of weeks with “puppy” were stressful, mostly because she was sickly, had the kennel cough, an inverted sneeze, and a fricken’ pneumonia scare, etc…etc..which were all supposedly typical of a rescue. But still, how do you prepare? You can’t, well financially you can and should, but emotionally, oh man does it test your patience, kindness, and tolerance for gooey surprises.

BUT, after about two months of unique poos, vomit, lots of veterinary bills and restless evenings, all seems to be well. “Puppy” seems to be happy as can be, growing longer and taller, but not really wide, all good things have started to take over. Don’t get me wrong though, despite all of the sweat and smells, obviously we’ve fallen in love with her and have been by her side pretty much all the time. We love this little monster, and want to keep her healthy n’ happy.

Though “Puppy” isn’t my first, or even second doggy, I’m always learning new things, every dog is different. Some of the things I’ve learned/relearned or am just grateful for are the following:

1. so glad we have enclosed yards with enough running space

2. even with our yard, long walks are still crucial for her well being (and ours), exposing her to new environments has helped her to handle the unexpected quite comfortably, and dogs seem to get bored if not stimulated, like us…right?

3. socializing her with all sorts of animals & people has been so great for her personality, she’s less of a scared puppy and warms up to everyone rather quickly

4. she keeps me on my toes, gotta try to be at least two steps ahead… I’m definitely a Mommy in training 😉

5. anytime I give her a treat, she has to work for it, or earn it somehow, knowledge & discipline 🙂

6. keeping up with her health, keeping her clean, and daily brushings are a must, I definitely brush her hair more than my own…grooming Puppy has been a great opportunity to inspect her for weird bumps, bug attacks, or anything else suspicious…AND it gains her trust, making it for a more pleasant visit to the Vet & Groomers

7. totally support crate training, and not sleeping with her in bed (plus, she’s a very active outside dirt ball kind of dog, no mud on the bed please)… so its been great for Puppy to have her crate as her own personal safe place..and sometimes when guests come over it’ll get a lil’ over whelming, so she’ll know exactly where to go n’ relax

8. doing research on the various food brands was a nightmare, especially with all of the crazy ingredients they add or leave out….I didn’t realize a lot of dog foods were shipped from overseas. (I hate recalls, just look: ugh!) Puppy is our lil’ baby, so she gets treated like family, she deserves the best

9. chew toys and bones are nice ways to temporarily relieve boredom & teething stress, until we adopt another dog, our current one will have unlimited toys & bones….we don’t want her to chew up our house or get sick, so we try to keep her distracted, happy, & busy with tons of walks, playtime, toys/bones…

10. gotta work on this one, but am proud to say, even if its too early to wake up n’ walk, too busy to put together a nice meal, too expensive to get that extra natural bone, too much work to puppy proof the house, or feel like I can’t keep up with her fast as lighting puppy bursts, she’s part of our family now and worth it….its only the beginning….we love her so much already, and OWE her all the love n’ hugs n’ kisses we can give to a pup….n more

Oh the list is never-ending, as we’re learning more n’ more every single day. Our pup is such a sweetheart but is by no means a pushover. She’s getting stronger n’ stronger, and more n’ more brave. Wait a minute, I can’t end it here, I didn’t list the top three things I’ve been hating to deal with:

3. Rude jerk dog owners who KNOW their dogs haven’t been properly trained and use MY DOG as a training toy. (i.e. I’ve had a couple encounters with this one lady who owns this old yorkie and whenever she sees us walking, she comes across the street, frustrates her dog who clearly hates our dog and stands there waiting for her dog to snap. Someone needs to take her dog away and put that lady in obedience & good manners school.) (UGH, seriously, what a jerk, next time, I’m going to ask her, “Why do you do this? You are upsetting your dog and one of them if not both will end up getting bit….or you may get a kiss from my fist.”)

2. Rude cat owners, please, please, PLEASE keep your cat out of our yards!!!!! They poop all over the place and who knows what kind of disease or worm filled poo they leave?!?! Who knows!?!?! I don’t want to know!!!! I HATE cat owners so much. How would you like it if I owned a couple of snakes or roaches, let them roam freely onto your property? How ’bout that?

1. Irresponsible dog owners who LEAVE their dog’s poo on other people’s lawns/sidewalks. Seriously?? Fine, if its raining and its all soggy, I can sort of understand, but really????!??!?! The SAME dog owner leaves the same POO, I can tell because they are feeding it some sort of orangey food…YES, I know what’s in it, I’m the sob who ends up cleaning it. WHAT jerks. UUUUGHHHH!!!!!! Why even have a dog if you can’t even clean up after it? Why? Don’t do it! These people are contributing to spreading disease, its so pathetic and disgusting.

Wait, wait, wait…and I just HATE it when people walk their dogs during the hot hot hot hot hot hours of the day. Don’t you hate that? They need to try walking barefoot, see how they like it. 😦

Okay, breathe…. not everyone is like that. -_-

I am just so grateful that my bf and I are pretty darned responsible, and have been able to rescue & save this little puppy’s precious life. If you have the means to rescue a dog, do it! There are so many sweet, ready to be loved animals (puppies/dogs) who have the biggest hearts and can bring more than just joy n’ poop into your life.

Once she’s more behaved and is over a year, I’ll definitely be looking into having her enrolled in the therapy dog programs.

Woah, this blog entry has gotten quite long….guess if you’re a dog lover/owner, you’d relate & understand. Someone recently warned me that I should be careful not to be “one of those people.” After sitting on that comment, I thought, but didn’t say aloud, “You mean someone who has decided to be unselfish, someone who wanted to learn to love more unconditionally, someone who wanted to get a small taste of Mommyhood, you mean someone who isn’t just talking about myself all the time, but spread & share the joys & love from and for a puppy? One of THOSE people? Cuz yes, I truly HOPE I am.”

Our Puppy is our first pride and joy, so THERE.

I LOVE my little family SO very much. 🙂



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One comment

  1. Please keep posting lovely things about your lovely pup! I
    t’s my little window into puppy life that we can’t have right now…..

    Plus WHAT A CUTIE PIE!!!



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