Beyond Spicy.

The beef was CHIPOTLE spicy. (I know, more and more studies are finding that red meat isn’t so healthy for you, but it isn’t killer in small amounts…right?) Too late anyway, he already ate what I cooked. Couldn’t help it!

BUT HEEEY, let me tell you about this spice…it was so spicy, the minute you uncover it, you already tear up and lose a pound of water. THAT spicy, but oh so good.

I used a new spice, Chipotle Peppers in Adobo sauce. Did you know that Adobo is native to the Spanish culture originally used as a preservation technique (like a lot of seasonings), but widely used in a Filipino National Dish called, “Adobong Baboy or Manock,” usually served with chicken, pork, or beef…I know you cared. Its important you know these things. I’m not gonna lie, though I am Filipino, I do not favor many of the Filipino dishes I’ve tried. Filipino desserts are good though, I’ll crave something with Ube…and butter. (You must try Hopia with Ube, my favorite.)

Besides the point, married some beef and some chipotle peppers, and this is what happened…

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