“Cacciatore!” A hunter style prepared meal, just for my hunter and gatherer. Totally made him feel all MANLY…can’t beat that feeling now can we.

Cooking red meat is tricky sometimes and isn’t the best for your health, so we opt for chicken. When I did eat meat, chicken wasn’t my favorite, and I rarely ordered it when I went out. I always felt chicken tasted the same, no matter how I ordered it…unfortunately, its a bit healthier. SO, it forces me to be creative in the kitchen. Problem with chicken that I find, is it can easily dry out and lose any flavor you have tried to marinate it in. Thankfully I’ve been slow cooking and excitedly using my skillet….definitely helped me rescue flavor & texture.

This particular recipe was super duper easy, but a little bit more time consuming. Had to brown the chicken first, then veges, then everything back in the oven, then cook the pasta….very basic, another fool proof recipe. Don’t leave anything over the heat without keeping an eye on ’em or they’ll burn, the veges soften quickly. Easy easy fricken’ recipe, if you love chicken, and love it fried, then seriously, just stop at step one. The bf was into it, he finished the whole thing, four thighs! That’s my growin’ sweetheart, love him so.

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So, come on, eat and cook as the hunters do. šŸ™‚




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