“Pannekoek!” “PANCAKE!” “PARTY!” in our bellies…

The other other day was IHOP’s Pancake Day, and since we couldn’t get to one, we had our own little pancake party. Any reason to have pancakes, especially 10 inch, fluffy, puffy, delicately thin ones…and with a little bit of butter, flour, milk, and a couple spices…its Pannekoek time! OH and if you have an apple somewhere, not doing anything, slice & sizzle it up to top it all off.

Bf gave my first Dutch Baby pancake a thumbs up, therefore its going into the recipe book. So easy to make, and the possibilities of topping variations are endless, between sweet & savory. Gonna try throwing some blueberries, peaches, nuts, gravy, bacon, you know, gonna try throwing just about everything on there to make quick snacks. We ate it like we would a pizza, but I THINK the proper way would’ve been to roll it up, like eating a soft, but thicker taquito. OH wait, you know what its like…like a thicker crepe, but better, way better.

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Pancake Day rocked.




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