London, Our Second Home…

…and because it is, this blog post could go on and on and on and ON. Don’t worry, it won’t. Someone asked about where to visit in London for the first time, so here are some of my favorite spots. If you’re looking for something specific, let me know and I’ll try to help… 🙂 I LOVE LONDON!

  • small boutique shops: area of chelsea, area of soho, camden, covent garden, neal’s yard
  • obnoxiously expensive stores: harrods, harvey nicols
  • mall like shopping: sheppards bush westfield mall, selfridges
  • farmers market type shopping: portabello, brick lane
  • shopping with the crowds: topshop on oxford st, and actually, just walk up and down oxford st.
  • favorite garden/parks: hyde park, kew gardens, battersea park
  • cheap but tasty eating: EAT, masala zone, and my boyfriend is in LOVE with BYRON burgers
  • great museums: british museum, the natural history museum and the science museum
  • take a ride on the london eye, you’ll see a lot of the touristy spots from above
  • run across the tower bridge and walk around the tower of london (VERY touristy but still interesting)

UGH, see, I’m already making this list waaaay too long. You really can’t go wrong when visiting London for the first time. Whenever we go back there, its like seeing everything for the first time. Its one of my favorite places to get fat in, and YES, London has GREAT FOOD! (Los Angeles has AMAZING food though…but that’s a whole otha’ post.) Even if you do experience a little gloom, and a little rain, its LONDON!!! You’re in LONDON! Buy some cute Wellington Boots and a fancy umbrella!

Wake up early, fight that jet lag, and visit Paul’s for some great, fresh, Brioche bread. Pack some in a backpack and walk along the River Thames….get lost in the neighborhoods and in the crowds. Appreciate the history in the beautiful architecture, ask a local, a friendly local, where the best coffee is. If they say, “Nero,” ask someone else. -__-

Regardless of the sights you choose, you’ll have a great time. Don’t be lazy- take lots of photos, eat lots of food, send tons of postcards and try to meet the Queen, let me know if she’s really as nice as she puts out to be!I STILL haven’t met her…that sneaky little Queen…I just want to try on her crown.

Tried to find some snap shots, but my folders are a mess….shame on me. I’ll add more as I find them. 😉 Have a safe trip to all those visiting London!!!

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P.S. Careful of those Brit boys, you’ll end up falling in LOVE! They are quite smooth. I TOTALLY did, but brought him back home to the U.S. 🙂 *SWOOOOOOOON.

P.P.S. Stay away from the Phoenix. LOL. *I’m kidding?


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