Slow Cookin’.

My slow cooker is being put into action now that we’ve settled into our home a bit more. Slow cooking has been grrrrreat, our meals have been more flavorful…more tender…and leaves me more time to focus on making side dishes and dessert. 🙂 OH, and depending on what you are slow cooking, talk about aromatherapy for the senses! To the MAX. 

I have a long list of recipes to try, but am pacing myself here….don’t want to unhealthily fatten up my bf. There’s this root vegetable stew I hear is tasty, so I’m thinking of alternating between vegetarian and meaty dishes. We use quite a bit of chicken breasts in the house, so its important to keep things fresh and new…there is no specific name for this dish…..I just used seasonings I thought would go with the cajun rice.

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Happy slow cooking! More to come.




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