Daily Dose of Goodness.

Daily brunches for us consists of: carrots, apples, peppers, ginger, and sometimes a slice of toast. And if I’m feeling really guilty about not eating enough greens, I’ll go ahead and juice: broccoli, fennel, parsley, mustard greens, kale, spinach, lemon, celery, cucumbers and just about anything. If you can’t stand the taste of “dirt,” then throw in some kiwi, unless you hate that as well, I’d suggest skip juicing, go with steaming. šŸ˜‰ Also, we drink our juice soon after we’ve made it, I hear that the nutrients in the juiced fruit and veges are sensitive to air, heat, time and light….so the sooner you drink, the better the benefits! Don’t let it slip away.

Breville is my brand when juicing, toasting, grilling, woking, or blending. They are so awesome, hands down my favorite kitchen appliance brand so far. Kinda pricey, but a good investment, for quality & longevity “tools.” I just wish they would clean themselves, it SUCKS bananas keeping these things clean, but maybe I’m just too o.c.d. when it comes to cleaning.

Hope you have fun juicing, don’t get stuck using the same ingredients, making the same juices, mix and match so you don’t get sick of it. Here’s to a long, healthy, happy life!

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