Lazy Asparagus.

We had a bundle of asparagus just lying around in the fridge, so I figured, eh, let’s BAKE ’em. I love fried foods, but I know I know, its terrible for you…but wait, I just read somewhere that if you use sunflower oil or healthy oils to fry, your body doesn’t react as bad. Was this real or a dream? Oh man, the possibilities once this is confirmed.

Until then, baking it was. Gave ’em a good wash, threw ’em in a slightly beaten egg, tossed ’em around in some panko bread crumbs, and laid ’em out. Because I was trying to be SOMEWHAT healthy, I didn’t add any salt, etc. Instead, served ’em with a little chili sauce.

Supposedly, asparagus is a great source of Vitamins A, C, E, B, potassium and zinc. And I’ve heard it does something to your pee…or was someone lying to me?  -__- Does it matter? No.

Try making them, they’re good and so easy breezy to bake. Happy Friday.



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