Boiling Crab Afternoon!

When you go to the Boiling Crab, order at the very least, a pound of shrimp with the whole SHA-BANG, which consists of garlic butter, cajun, lemon pepper and amazingness….

Also, be prepared to use your hands, you’ll be shelling these poor little ocean roaches yourself. (I did feel terrible about ripping the heads off of the little crawfish, so to my defense, I only had like two….)  UGH! Pescatarianism is NOT fun sometimes, esp. because I LOVE to eat. -_-

Why didn’t we order the crab? Because we are piggies and want a lot of meat in our meals….even in the lobster and crawfish the meat is sparse. The oysters are okay, not juicy as the ones from other places we’ve been…they are big in size but small in flavor.

Order the sweet potato AND cajun fries,  and make sure you tell them to throw in a couple of corn on the cobs. The bf ordered their sausages and had NO complaints.

Go during the week, avoid the crazy lines…AND, don’t wear anything you wouldn’t want to stain! 😉  OH OH and if you have a nice thick Sharpie Marker on hand, like I do because I carry around a little mobile office for business at any moment, they let you leave your mark on the walls. FUN.




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