Visiting London, Basically Our Second Home.

My boyfriend is British, and has taken me over to London so many times within the last two years, that I think its accurate to say its our second home. I actually like it more than New York, and I love that city. London is a cleaner, more friendly version of New York, but I LOVE both. The only thing missing from London would be the people I love, so, if we ever decided to move there, I’d have to figure out a way to drag everyone else along. 🙂 They are pretty darned important to me you know.

One of my favorite places in London is Brick Lane – like farmer’s market times 100. Its kinda better than Portabello Market…. anyway posted a really bad video online, and there it is, up above. If you’re ever in London and have time after seeing the Tower of London, Soho, London Eye, Hyde Park etc. etc. visit Brick Lane.





  1. What a wonderful blog and I love this video! Nina Simone perfect accompaniment. : )
    Hopefully I will see Brick Lane for myself in about three months! Can’t wait! This will be my first trip to London, so anymore suggestions will be most appreciated!

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