Cake Pops For The People.

…the hardworking people I work with sometimes. Its fun feeding people.

I love making cake pops, but can I just share that I hate melting white chocolate. I can only remember melting white chocolate successfully maybe…twice or something? The time before this was when I was trying to melt white chocolate chips for cake batter popcorn. Not SO sure what I did wrong, but microwaving them did NOT work, nor did double broiling. Maybe it was because the girls were here and we were too busy catching up, not paying attention to anything else? But melting chocolate, does it REALLY need THAT much attention? The answer is yes, when I do it, it does.

Vowing now not to make the same mistake twice…I did learn that if the white chocolate melting chips are overheated and are not smoothing out, add some vegetable shortening. Worked like a charm.

SO, I made chocolate cake pops with a white chocolate candy shell. Originally they were supposed to be happy, fat bear heads, but over the course of dipping and dripping, they morphed into scared and anxious bears.




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