Ren Fair Style Turkey Legs For The BF.

I am a pescatarian (bout 6yrs now) who is in love with an awesome carnivore with a huge appetite, though I know one day I’ll be making the switch again. Til THEN, I’ve been gathering and recooking a lot of our favorite recipes, old & new. He’s lucky I’m not strict when it comes to food, because I AM a HUGE CARNIVORE when it comes to my belly but  huge ANIMAL lover at heart. And, because I’ll be eating meat at some point in my life again, aaaand because I love HIM so, I don’t mind cooking him red/white/dark meats. (I do get sad, it does make me whimper for the poor defenseless animals, but what am I gonna do?! I hate to see my bf starve. :/ )

When I was younger, I used to go to the renaissance fairs here in California, and during those days, I happily ate meat. One of my favorites from the fairs were the massive turkey legs! Delicious. (Poor turkeys..) Turkey is a leaner meat than chicken and beef..and pork, and although I love to feed my bf, I do want to keep him healthy.

So, yesterday I ended up brining three turkey legs over night in my favorite seasonings. Then today, for lunch, he finished ’em right down to the bone while I watched in envy, grief, and admiration. They turned out great, according to him, and though he loves me, he’s usually quite honest & open with constructive criticism. He gave me the thumbs up, this one is going down in the books.

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