Boyfriend’s Night To Cook!

How ’bout some Cornish Pasties the bf asks, “SURE!” I’m always happy when he cooks, long as there’s enough vegetables to keep me full. 😉 From what I’m told, but do NOT quote me, miners used to store these in their big hats/protective head gear so when lunch time came around, they’d have a little something to eat. TOTALLY smart right?! Its kinda “oven” fresh from all of the head warmth underneath their hats…MMMMM. Plus, it cut back on having to lug around a lunch pail.

I’ll stop yapping and share some photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They were delicious, and VERY HEARTY.


Rodene (and of course my hunny 🙂 an excellent cook!)

P.S. I used the Lensbaby (click for their link) Composer Lens for Nikon! Such a fun lens.


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