Home Team Wins!

Okay, so we only won by three points and it took forever to get there, but in the end, we won. The bf and I had an excellent evening, we pretty much went the whole nine, kinda…matching jerseys, the super nachos, the sky scraper hot dog, and an unlimited night of soda pop refills! Trust me, I REALLY wanted to do the cotton candy and bottomless tub of popcorn, but I didn’t want to yack all over the rows in front of us. Yadddiii yaaadddda…

Not gonna bore you with my limited amount of NBA knowledge, but the game was overall low scoring and was taken away by our own, Andrew Bynum and Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki. Good to see non accused domestic abusers take over the evening… -_- Go ahead, do a quick search on Dallas’ Jason Kidd & L.A.’s Kobe Bryant, I’m not the kind to look into personal lives of people in the public eye, but unavoidable if well, you OWN a t.v. or computer. UGH, sickens me just how much money some people get regardless of what they’re accused or guilty of – disturbing..just a bit. Yes, they are talented, but haaawwwt dawg they need to keep their hands to themselves – I’m sure they know a thing or two about personal fouling, big no no.

Well, in the end, we won, and so did our bellies! Thank you Derek Fisher for hitting that three! Thoroughly enjoyed the purple & gold metallic strips falling upon our heads for the bf’s first NBA game in L.A.

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Here’s to the next!



P.S. We didn’t get on the kiss cam, but they had quite the characters on screen who were much more interesting. 😉 There was also this amazing little boy who did some serious dancing, his dad tried to shake a lil something too, but was definitely out shined by junior. I’ll find a link later, with all the cell phone cameras around, I’m sure it’ll be up soon.


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