Double Dating With The Durans.

One of my oldest and dearest friends, since like, the 3rd grade, and her husband invited us out the other night to see Chris Burden’s Metropolis II, awesome and scary. Awesome in that they used about 1,100 cars speeding around on 18 tracks dodging 20×30 ft installations, but scary that this is how the artist sees our future in five to ten years. I can only DREAD the future of traffic..and you know, from all of the traveling we’ve done, I still think foot traffic is worse to deal with than anything else. Then again, all the pollution from vehicles and such are worse for the environment…UGH! We went to Tokyo a couple of months ago and it was already looking like Metropolis II…and driving in Los Angeles traffic is already a LOAD! I swear the exhibit wasn’t stressful. 😉

Metropolis II reminded me of when my brother and I were kids, he’d build pretty intricate racetracks, we’d race cars on them for days. The fun part was watching them fly off the track when we’d speed through all the sharp turns….oooh, to be a kid. Do kids play with remote control cars still? On tracks? I know I’ll always remember those days.

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Thanks to my good friends and the LACMA for a nostalgic evening.



P.S. We also got to see a bit of Koontz’s work…fun as usual.


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