Oh Look, I’m On Here Now!

I’ve pretty much given up on Facebook, so think I’ll give this format a shot. Still have my  Twitter & Tumblr, but just to keep things more organized, I’ll keep this particular blog for all of my own personal photos and ideas. Sound good? I hope so…its nice sharing photos of all the dishes, people, places and animals I’ve been photographing. Especially fun sharing them with other people who enjoy some of the same. Such a shame to keep some things tucked away in a folder and forgotten.

Last year my boyfriend and I were able to get a lot of traveling done, but I haven’t been able to post much, other than what I scrapped up on our other blog: http://sourcecodefilm.tumblr.com/ ! Yes, I know, ANOTHER darned blog. See what I mean?! Too much internet clutter, SUCH a hoarder.


Me, hoarding.

Hoping this will be it, doubt it, but I’ll give it a try.

Alright, gonna have a look around of anything recent to post. Be right back.




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