Hanging Horses, Hitler On His Knees, NYC = Maurizio Cattelan

We were in New York City last month and were able to visit the Guggenheim’s presentation of Maurizio Cattelan’s collection of hyperrealist sculptures, to say the least. Besides the kneeling Hitler, hooded elephant, and the somewhat disturbing errr, depictions of life & death, the way his work was presented was reason enough to visit. Everything was hanging…just hanging by rope..right in the middle of the museum. Made the horses and meteorite stricken Pope look even more tragic and dramatic.

I don’t want to spoil it just in case someone reading this decides to catch it before it leaves town forever! So here are just a couple of photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Despite all of the tragedy Cattelan captures, there’s something really sweet about the taxidermic sleeping dogs throughout the exhibit…even the old mother in the fridge, awww. Look, its not TOTALLY depressing, his pieces are like dark jokes. Really, just go and see it if you’re in NYC, from what we were told, it’ll never be presented all together like this, ever- definitely beats out a lot of the L.A. Artwalk Art.




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